Abbreviated name: VU AN CO.,LTD.

     Established since 1994, it was called Vu An Workshop. Located at 241 Thach Lam Street, Tan Phu District, Ho Chi Minh City.

     From April 2002, our company changed its name to Vu An Machinery Company.

     From August 2006, best single parents dating website research paper online we moved

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to the current location: Lot 26, Road 5, Tan Duc Industrial Park, Long An Province, Vietnam.


  • Production of other metallic products not yet classified;

    • Detail: Production of machine components, spare parts and technological devices.

  • Installation of industrial machine and equipment;

    • Detail: Installation of machine components, spare parts and technological devices.

  • Architectural activities and relevant technical consultancy;

    • Detail: Technical consultancy, design and technological transfer in

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      mechanical and machine production;

    • Design of machine components, spare parts and technological devices.

  • Vocational training

    • Detail: Vocational training (short-term), mechanical repair, machine production.

  • Authorized dealer, broker, auctioneer;

    • Detail: Authorized dealer, consignee, trade broker.

  • Trading other household appliances;

    • Detail: Trading electric appliances, handicrafts.

  • Trading agricultural machines, equipment and spare parts;

    • Detail: Trading agricultural machines, equipments, spare parts, raw materials.

  • Trading other machines,

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    equipment and

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    spare parts;

    • Detail: Trading industrial-forestry-fishery machines, equipments, spare parts, supplies, raw materials.

  • Trading other best single parents dating website research paper online construction materials, equipment;

    • Detail: Trading interior design products.

  • Other dedicated trades not yet classified;

    • Detail: Trading flavors.

  • Trading foods.

    • Detail: Trading foods, industrial foods.