J-K Paint



Product nameUseColorVolumeNote
JK-1000Base CoatDark Grey
Light Grey
JK-1001Base CoatDark Grey420mlSpray can
JK-2000Intermediate CoatDark Grey15l/18l
JK-3000Final CoatLight Grey15l/18lColor Changeable
JK-100Diluent / Cleaning agentTransparent2l/3lDiluent / Cleaning agent


    • New technology and New concept in korea (JK – 1000. Rust Fixation and presentative)

    • TYPE 1 liquid product that doesn’t use any hardener. Enhanced in all aspects to be a excellent free online dating sites for single moms order research paper rust fixative. As a presentative base coat (zinc primer) the product has been developed to withstand defect factors for long duration periods

    • It is applicable on all types of metal and concrete (when dried nonflammable)

    • Passed the salt splay test for 72 hours

    • Low – temperature resistance test passed from -50°C ~ +250°C

    • Eco-friendly paint & varnish, tested for 26 different types of hazardous substances – result: no hazard

    • After the surface is finished the product reacts to any rust residue to create a solid chemical mineral salt covering to prevent any corrosion


    JK-1000 product characteristics

    • TYPE 1 liquid product a brilliant preventative base coat (zinc primer) product that has strong adhesiveness, contractility, and rust prevention abilities
    • JK-1000 base coat contains a solid chemical covering that reacts to any rust residue after the surface is finished (nonflammable after drying)
    • After JK-1000 is applied, all types of paint & varnish is applicable (oil-based, water-based)

    Superior rust fixation & prevention

    • Applicable to all types of metal, when applied it reacts with rust. Higher rust prevention ability than phosphate coating

    Superior durability & flexibility

    • Highly resistive to corrosion and has strong contractility, no cracks are formed after the paint is dried

    Superior adhesion & buildability

    • All types of paint & varnish is applicable including oil-based and water-based types and even with rust residue (although not recommended)
    • Effective on concrete free online dating sites for single moms order research paper or metal structures such as building facades, indoor parking lots and floors
    • Eco-friendly product that forms no waste. Leftover products can be easily kept and re-used

    *Possible to coat without degreasing if there is no grease, must degrease if there is grease


 Other products Our product
Surface preparationExpensive surface preparation Cheap surface preparation
Harmful residueExcessive waste from phosphate covering Natural covering formed producing no waste
Uniformity of paintPaint & varnish wasted during the touch-up process By using TYPE 1 liquid product, minimizes the loss of paint & varnish
The principle of adhesion between paint and surfacePhysical adherence between paint and material (metal, steel) Chemical fusion, stronger adherence
Surface after paintingPaint Hard (stiff) Paint: Soft with strong elasticity

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