Roasting Coffee Bean Machine




4500 x 4200 x 3000 mm

Input Voltage:

3 phase 220/380 VAC, 50 Hz


7.5 kW

Roasting Temp. :

200 – 250oC

Roasting Time:

15 – 20 minutes


12 months

  • Is a product produced by orders of Trung Nguyen.

  • The machine is designed to be easy to disassemble and install. The machine consists of 3 main groups: Particle roasting, treatment and settling of dust and clusters to cool seeds to impregnate aromas.

  • Parts that come into contact with seeds: roasting drum, cooling barrel, feeding hopper. All are made of 304 stainless steel.

  • Roasted body is made of welded steel plate, 600oC heat-resistant paint (silver gray).

  • Dust filter system is made of steel, heat resistant paint 600oC (silver gray).

  • The grain quality is ripe evenly thanks to the system of wing blades which are evenly spaced inside the machine.

  • The working mode can be controlled automatically or semi-automatically.

  • Temperature controller displays numbers.

  • The ignition system is controlled automatically according to the preset temperature.

  • Easy operation and maintenance.

  • Convenient loading and unloading funnel.

  • Low cost, high economic efficiency and safe use.